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For more almost 100 years, Komatsu has manufactured innovative, high-quality, durable and reliable forklifts to not only meet, but also exceed the needs of the changing material handling world. Liftmasters is honored to be a part of Komatsu’s dealership network that provides material handling and forklift products with world-class service, authentic OEM parts and an all-inclusive warranty program. Komatsu forklifts are durable and dependable and we believe they provide our partners with lower cost of operation.

With an array of options such as capacities ranging from 3,000 to 35,000 pounds, pneumatic or cushion tires, 8 distinct IC models, Electric, Gas, LPG, and Diesel trucks, 3 and 4-wheel varieties, and more, Liftmasters can help you find the perfect Komatsu lift truck that will satisfy your application needs and budget requirments.

Komatsu Clean Air Technology

Now you can bring your forklift exhaust emissions into compliance. Clean Air Technology by Komtasu forklifts allows traditional heart of the line forklifts to perform well below the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier IV regulations. You can learn more about the Komatsu engine control module ability to regulate air and full ratios and reduce emissions by downloading the AX50, BX50, or CX50 brochures.

High Capacity Komatsu Forklifts For Your Heavy-Duty Applications

Whenever you need to harness the power of heavy lifting, the Komatsu family of heavy-duty forklifts has your solution. Komatsu delivers durable, high performance forklifts with a great ROI.

The latest in Komatsu’s line-up of heavy-duty forklifts is the FH-2 series. The FH-2 includes all the great features customers have come to appreciate, such as the Closed-center Load Sensing (CLSS) and Hydro-Static Transmission (HST), plus wet disc brakes – a newer trend in material handling applications that gives owners less wear and tear over time, saving productivity and money.

The DX50 series comes equipped with a 3.3 liter diesel engine and the Komatsu Open-Center Load Moderating (OLMS) hydraulic system, which intuitively balances working conditions, including traveling and loading, to optimize fuel consumption. Standard wet disc brakes drastically reduce maintenance by offering up to 10,000 hours without service and brake shoe replacement. With an extended engine oil replacement interval of 500 hours, operating costs are reduced by 14% over eight years.

With the environment, safety and maximum efficiency in mind, the EX50 series comes with four innovative engine technologies designed to increase reliability while decreasing environmental footprint, including electronic control system, heavy-duty high pressure common rail (HPCR) system, new combustion system and air-to-air charge air cooling system.

For more information on any model of Komatsu lift truck available, contact Liftmasters.

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