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keytroller forklift monitoring

Keytroller designs and manufactures a full line up of electronic safety and performance enhancing devices specifically designed for lift trucks, aerial equipment, construction equipment, heavy- duty spotter trucks, utility vehicles, boats and more.

These devices improve safety and performance by monitoring equipment and employees, forcing operators to be responsible when operating equipment, holding them accountable for their actions.  

Keytroller has been providing solutions with products like remote monitoring, alarm and anti-theft shut down  devices capable via cellular wireless communication and website interface, RFID code biometric access, checklist automation, impact and speed sensing, directional shift controls, digital video recorders with GPS capabilities, cellular hour meters and high accuracy weigh scales just to name a few.

Throughout North America many Fortune 500 companies who operate significant forklift and construction fleets employ Keytroller vehicle monitoring safety devices helping reduce forklift and equipment damage due to untrained or negligent operators.

Keytroller proprietary designs include hardware, internal firmware and external PC software interface for easy software updates allowing for new improved features. Devices will allow electronic access, monitoring, speed and abuse control, GPS hour meter and more for all types of engine and electric vehicles, ensuring improved safety and performance for just about any equipment fleet.

For more information on Keytroller Electronic Safety Devices, contact Liftmasters.

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