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Move, Stack, Access – The Smart Way

S&L Liftmasters is proud to carry the full line of Big Joe electric and manual lift trucks. Engineered with fewer moving parts Big Joe lift trucks allow you to save money on maintenance costs over the life of the equipment. With a full line up of electric and manual pallet trucks, walkie stackers and order pickers Liftmaster’s has the affordable Big Joe equipment for you that is designed to provide a wide range of industry solutions no matter the application requirement.

Compared to traditional sit down equipment Big Joe lift trucks deliver at a substantially lower cost. Ideal for retail, manufacturing, warehousing, dock work, stock picking, high volume loading and unloading and more! So whether you’re a large corporation or small business owner, S&L Liftmasters has the right Big Joe material handling equipment for you. Contact us today to learn more about our Big Joe options!


You need a way to move products quickly and efficiently from dock to stock or from warehouse to customer. With Big Joe’s selections of pallet trucks and walkie tugger, you’ll see that going from point A to point B can be accomplished with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of resource effectiveness.

Big Joe electric pallet trucks reduce worker strain and increase worker productivity: win-win! Injuries happen when workers are forced to do more pulling, pushing, twisting, stretching and pumping than their bodies are capable of handling – as we see with manual pallet jacks. You can expect to see a dramatic decrease in employee sick time and employee turnover.

bigjoe palletjack wpt45

On the plus side, with Big Joe electric pallet jacks, you will see productivity increase as workers can accomplish more per shift. Overall labor costs decrease, and you can decrease the use of electricity for short, infrequent trips.

Big Joe pallet trucks come in a variety of load capacities and are semi-electric, powered or rider. From the semi-electric P33 with a 3,300-lb. capacity to the powered WPT45 with a 4,500-lb. capacity, there’s an option for you. For heavier duty loads, Big Joe offers the WRT60 rider pallet jack with a 6,000-lb. capacity. For those lighter jobs, the T15 walkie tugger has a 1,500-lb. capacity.

And don’t forget, walkie pallet trucks can be customized and optimized to fit your special circumstances with, among other items, load restrain kits and load backrests, special fork configurations and integration with carts and cart systems.


Everybody wants to do more with their real estate. Big Joe stackers can help you find solutions to go up with ease, rather than expand out with the accompanying price tag. Big Joe stackers may not replace traditional forklifts in certain circumstances, such as when you have plenty of warehouse space and are lifting pallets fairly high or when you are going in and out of trailers on a dock for several hours each day, but Big Joe stackers can make your life a lot easier and safer as an alternative to rider equipment in the right situations.

Big Joe walkie stackers are the most cost effective way to move product short distances in less space – in aisles as narrow as 7-inches with the straddle stacker that can right angle stack pallets. Because Big Joe walkie stackers cost almost half to acquire, require less space to operate, have a lower gross weight and slower speeds, safety is enhanced while more expensive equipment receives less wear and tear.

Some Big Joe walkie stackers can be customized for your special material handling needs related to drum and die handling, roll and coil handling, ram and boom attachments and much more. S&L Liftmasters offers a wide variety of Big Joe stackers that offer from 2,200-lb. to 4,000-lb. capacities and VNA capabilities.

bigjoe ibh stacker


With the J1 Joey task support vehicle and the J2 Joey low level order picker, Big Joe offers safer and more efficient alternatives to traditional methods of bringing products up and down.

Joey’s are not a lightweight fellows. Built tough and durable, the Joey is the safest – and quickest - way to elevate workers safely. Unlike the unsafe nature of a ladder, which requires workers to move up and down with tools, product or other gear in hand, the steel I-beam channel mast on the Joey provides stability, has the largest work platform in its class and have safety measures such as a fully-enclosed operators compartment.

The Joey allows many traditionally two-people jobs to be accomplished by one person, with the added advantage of being able to drive from task to task. Designed to move faster when at ground level, the J1 Joey automatically reduces speed when at height. Operators have power steering and can turn around in a 72-inch aisle.

bigjoe j2 joey picker

The J1 Joey has a 1,000-lb. total capacity (300-lb. in operators compartment, 500-lb. front work platform and 200-lb. rear tray). The J2 Joey can lift 1,500 lbs. at 24-inches on forks, has a 300-lb. capacity in the operator’s compartment and 200-lb. capacity on the rear work platform.

Don’t forget that S&L Liftmasters also offers Big Joe three-wheel sit down forklifts. All AC-powered with capabilities from 2,800-lb. to 4,000-lb., this equipment provides a smooth, quiet and green way to cut emissions in your warehouse to improve health and safety, as well as many ergonomic features.

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