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National Forklift Safety Day: COVID-19 Pandemic Edition

National Forklift Safety Day 2020


National Forklift Safety Day (NFSD) is no laughing matter; it’s a matter of life or death. The sad truth is that there are far too many people who lack the proper training to operate these powerfully efficient — and extremely dangerous — vehicles, and their actions behind the wheel have serious consequences.

However, in recent months the prospect of leaving one’s home has also become a daunting ordeal. You might be wondering, “how are we supposed to gather to educate ourselves on the 7th anniversary of such an important event if we can hardly leave our own homes?” It’s true, gathering in public — even to go to the grocery store — has become just as much a matter of life or death as forklift safety. But fear not, dear reader; forklift safety awareness is still possible in our technological age, even if leaving our homes suddenly isn’t.

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Stand Up For Workplace Safety With Forklift And Aerial Training

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Your new material handling equipment operators have watched a video on how to safely operate forklifts and aerial equipment. Someone in your organization has asked them questions to make sure they thoroughly understood the material. Now you are ready to hand them the keys and let them get to work, right?

Not so fast! This may have been acceptable many years ago, but it isn’t anymore. For one thing, it’s illegal and could have you facing some hefty fines. More importantly, it puts forklift and aerial equipment operators, other employees and visitors at risk. It’s not worth it!

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