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Two Ways to Optimize Your Warehouse

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In the hustle and bustle of today’s e-commerce warehouse, making the most of your space by organizing and optimizing can save you money in productivity and efficiency. As space becomes more valuable, material handling and distribution center warehouses are taking steps now to process their throughput in a faster and more effective way. What can you do to stay competitive in this new reality? Here are some steps all material handling and DC warehouse managers should consider moving forward.

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Two Things To Know About Warehouse Organization

Has your company made a list of resolutions to celebrate the New Year? Successful companies, of course, have their projected goals and finances mapped out well in advance of Jan. 1 – but is making sure you know the ABC’s on your list? We aren’t talking about the alphabet. We are talking about a proven method for materials management using the ABC analysis to help manage inventory. And, of course, understanding how products move in and out of your warehouse or distribution center is critical, as is using the best form of shelving and racking to facilitate that movement.

Let’s touch briefly on the ABC’s and then talk about how Liftmasters has many years of experience setting up racking and shelving that makes your warehouse more efficient and productive. Reviewing your ABC practices should be done at least annually to allow for corrections and updates.

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