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Stand Up For Workplace Safety With Forklift And Aerial Training

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Your new material handling equipment operators have watched a video on how to safely operate forklifts and aerial equipment. Someone in your organization has asked them questions to make sure they thoroughly understood the material. Now you are ready to hand them the keys and let them get to work, right?

Not so fast! This may have been acceptable many years ago, but it isn’t anymore. For one thing, it’s illegal and could have you facing some hefty fines. More importantly, it puts forklift and aerial equipment operators, other employees and visitors at risk. It’s not worth it!

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Liftmasters’ General Guidelines to OSHA Forklift Operator Training

Liftmasters’ General Guidelines to OSHA Forklift Operator Training

Powered industrial trucks, i.e. forklifts are common in material handling and many other industries. Forklifts are used to lift, raise and lower heavy and large pallets, boxes, crates and containers. Moving these heavy loads create hazards commonly associated with powered industrial trucks and anywhere they are used. Each different style or class of forklift creates distinct operating hazards. The best way to protect your employees, customers, product and equipment from injury, damage or death is through proper training.

Business’s utilizing industrial lift trucks are required to provide OSHA Forklift Operator Training and Certification for all employees who operate powered industrial lift trucks. All trainees may operate a powered industrial truck only under direct supervision of certified trainers who have the knowledge, training and experience to train operators and effectively evaluate student’s competence. Training is required to take place at a location that does not endanger either the trainee, trainer or other employees.

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Unfortunately, many companies still believe they will be OSHA compliant if the just have their operators just watch a video and ta... Read More
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