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Planned Maintenance Gives Your Operations a Leg Up

Planned Maintenance Gives Your Operations a Leg Up

Every season, homeowners schedule an inspection and maintenance of their home HVAC system.  Every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, car owners schedule oil changes and follow the dealer recommendations for preventative maintenance for their personal vehicles.  Every new school year, parents schedule checkups for their children to make sure that they are growing and healthy and that there nothing is out of the ordinary which would prevent them from performing successfully in school and in sports. 

Such preventative measures are taken in many ways to protect our most valuable assets and investments, so it would only make sense that business owners would do the same to ensure that their forklift fleet and other industrial equipment investments are working at their best.  It’s a no brainer.

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Optimizing Your Forklift for Summer’s Heat

The old saying is “March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb.” So far, in February, we’ve seen freezing temperatures, as well as temps in the 80s in San Antonio and South Texas. While we aren’t weathermen at Liftmasters, we can predict with some certainty that our temperatures are going to steadily be climbing up as we get closer to spring and summer and that means it’s a good time to get your forklift equipment ready for that famous Texas heat. Here are some basics if your forklifts and operators will be exposed to the heat:

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The Dog Days of Summer Are Coming - Are Your Forklifts (Ready) Prepared?

With summer officially starting, S&L Liftmasters wants to remind you to beat the heat and take some precautions with these easy tips to help prepare your lift trucks and warehouse facility, making sure they are ready to handle the heat.

Properly preparing for the Texas summer heat is necessary to protect your lift trucks and warehouse equipment from unnecessary damage as well as maximizing the useful life of your forklift. We all know that lift trucks encounter severe working environmental conditions daily. From harsh chemicals to “extreme” temperatures, equipment can take a beating. To not compromise your lift trucks’ operation, it’s even more important before summer that you prepare your forklifts for the Texas heat. Doing so will inevitably save you money on maintenance costs while keeping production and efficiency high.

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Working With Diligence and Efficiency, Work With Liftmasters

Working With Diligence and Efficiency, Work With Liftmasters

Liftmasters is dedicated to providing our customers with the best and most efficient parts and repair services in the industry. With some of the best technicians available Liftmasters can help make unexpected breakdowns and repairs quick and easy so you experience minimal downtime in your operations.

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Liftmasters Offers Forklift Parts Expertise And Availability

Liftmasters Offers Forklift Parts Expertise And Availability

At Liftmasters we take pride in offering parts for all brands, makes and models of forklifts and other material handling equipment. 

In addition to providing OEM parts for our major equipment brands, KomatsuBig Joe and JLG, Liftmasters offers replacement parts for all other major OEM brands.

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Liftmasters Offers Service Expertise For All Brands

When it comes to servicing your equipment, Liftmasters is confident in our capabilities, no matter the brand.

Our team of highly skilled service professionals is trained to keep your forklifts in their best working conditions possible. 

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