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When A Heavy-Duty Forklift Is The Right Answer

Clark C60 IC Forklift

One of the most important items on your checklist for any job big or small is to have the right tools. Knowing what those tools are comes with experience and knowledge. You’ll likely not have to tackle too many jobs with the wrong tools, since it’s a quick study to learn how much more effort, time and money you’ll save when you choose the right tools. Deciding what kind of forklift to use for your company’s jobs depends on exactly what you will be asking that forklift to do. If your application calls for moving tonnage instead of poundage, you will need a heavy-duty forklift. At Liftmasters, we partner with Komatsu and Clark for your heavy-duty forklift needs. We believe these companies offer world-class options to answer your material handling application challenges.

As you know, forklifts come in a wide variety of capacity sizes. How can you know what size forklift you need and what forklift will handle your requirements? If your typical job deals with loads that weigh tons instead of pounds, a heavy-duty forklift will save time, increase productivity and efficiency and give you a better ROI. At Liftmasters, we have knowledgeable material handling professionals who will be happy to give you guidance on choosing the right forklift for your job. Let’s dive into some of the reasons why we like Komatsu and Clark for heavy-duty applications.

Komatsu Heavy-Duty Forklifts

The Komatsu FH, DX and EX series heavy-duty forklifts offer a variety of specifications that encompass today’s material handling innovations and technologies. The material handling equipment arena has come a long way from yesterday’s forklifts and now comes with features designed to save you money in fuel and maintenance costs, increase awareness of environmental and health concerns and, above all, promote safety for your workers and operators while providing you with information at your fingertips to make better business decisions. 

FH-2 Series: 8,000 - 11,000 lbs  

Komatsu’s FH-2 series of diesel heavy-duty forklifts offer four models designed to meet today’s strict EPA fuel guidelines, while also saving you up to 30% in fuel consumption. By incorporating a hydrostatic transmission into the FH-2 series, Komatsu allows operators to increase torque at low speeds, making these forklifts ideal for construction and other heavy-duty applications. Additionally, the FH-2 closed-center load sensing system maintains a steady flow of lubrication from pump to motor and back, allowing for more control and better engine efficiency.

With Komatsu’s exclusive KOMTRAX system, you’ll be able to remotely monitor the FH-2 heavy-duty forklift on a daily basis for any maintenance or repair issues, allowing for better fleet management and decisions. For the health and safety of your operators, the Komatsu FH-2 series has an ergonomically-designed compartment - reducing operator fatigue. 

DX50 Series: 15,400 - 18,000 lbs

This Komatsu diesel powerhouse series provides an excellent ROI for some of the toughest jobs out there, while saving you money at the fuel tank. By incorporating open-center load-moderating hydraulics, the resulting smoother operation provides for impressive gains in fuel usage - up to 20%. And the DX50 series doesn’t stop there. Because of its sealed wet disc brake system, this heavy-duty forklift can power through 10,000 hours without maintenance, giving you a boost in added productivity.

As with all Komatsu products, the DX50 series heavy-duty forklifts are equipped with operator and bystander safety protections. With systems that control accidental engine and brake usage, plus full operator ergonomics to reduce fatigue and accidents, the DX50 series is built with today’s innovative designs. Additionally, the DX50 line is compliant with EPA Tier 3 usage and emission standards.

EX50 Series: 22,000 - 35,000 lbs

Continuing with its mission to promote environmental awareness with even the toughest of material handling equipment, the Komatsu EX50 series of heavy-duty forklifts conforms to EPA Tier 3 standards by using innovative technologies to reduce particulate matter (PM) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx), a known pollutant. This rugged forklift features an electronic control system that works to maximize engine performance, a heavy-duty high pressure accumulator that reduces fuel usage, an innovative combustion chamber that allows this equipment to conform to EPA standards and a cutting edge cooling system that maximizes performance.

Many times, these heavy-duty forklifts are operating in less-than-optimum conditions with uneven and rocky grades. The Komatsu EX50 heavy-duty forklift is equipped with a robust and impressive engine and responsive maneuverability that gives you maximum performance in all situations.

Clark Heavy-Duty Forklifts

Have you ever heard of a “Tructractor”? Well, it may have been before your time as that was the handle employees at Clark Equipment Company bestowed on a three-wheeled shop buggy built to haul materials in 1917. This innovative-for-its-time IC-engine truck worked handily and was the beginning of more than 100 years of continued excellence and advances Clark Material Handling Company is known for now. Clark has a full-line of material handling equipment available and the company’s heavy-duty forklifts are rugged, reliable and dependable.

C40-80 Series IC Pneumatic LP Gas/Diesel: 8,000 - 18,000 lbs

The Clark C40-55s Series heavy-duty forklifts are built with severe and challenging conditions in mind. Outside environments can throw a lot of contaminants in the air and the Clark C40-55s Series is equipped to handle that with a multi-faceted filtering system, designed to stop debris before it impacts the engine. Operator and bystander safety is paramount and the forklift comes with stellar visibility. This series is equipped with either the 4.3 liter LPG or the 3.8 liter diesel engine. Both offer Clark’s standard of excellence in rugged and durable applications.

The Clark C60-80 Series is designed to meet today’s standards of operator ergonomics with a variety of built-in features to put safety as the first priority by giving workers superior visibility, ease of access and better-than-average productivity. With enclosed wet disc brakes, the C60-80 Series provides a wider window between service, giving you the uptime you’re looking for in a forklift. Brakes are oil-cooled for noise reduction and continuous operation. Available with either a 4.5 liter diesel engine for heightened horsepower or a 4.3 liter LPG engine for a quieter run, the Clark C60-80 series heavy-duty forklifts are built to last.

S Series S25/30cL IC Cushion 4,000-6500 LP Gas/Diesel: 4,000 - 6,500 lbs

Clark’s S Series heavy-duty forklifts incorporate today’s most innovative “smart” technology, including a user-active interface dash, reporting capabilities at your fingertips via telemetry, self-diagnostics and more. With the Clark name behind these workhorses, they are built to last and provide a lower cost of ownership through advanced features such as wet disc brakes, fully-welded frame, cooling systems and increased operator safety components. 

Your material handling challenges will tell you when the time is right for a heavy-duty forklift. With a wide variety of heavy-duty forklifts on the market, picking the right one can be a challenge. At Liftmasters, our customers know we have their best interests at heart - that’s one of the reasons we’ve been in business for as long as we have. When it’s time to choose a heavy-duty forklift, contact us. We’ll be happy to help!


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