Joey Narrow Aisle in warehouse

At S&L Liftmasters, our number one focus is customer satisfaction and our line of products reflects that mission. We want you to find the material handling product you need when you need it. You’ll find that as San Antonio’s oldest locally-owned material handling specialist, we’ve learned a few things about providing top-of-the-line material handling and warehouse distribution equipment and accessories.

When space gets tight in your warehouse, you and your team must come up with solutions for storing product, as well as efficient ways to pick and move product. At S&L Liftmasters, we’ve been coming up with unique solutions for years to answer your material handling challenges - from maximizing and organizing your existing warehouse space to recommending the best equipment for your application.

With commercial real estate values moving into what some may call the stratosphere, you might be more interested in discovering how your existing space can be utilized for optimization. For some, going up instead of out is the best answer - and that calls for narrow aisle solutions, including narrow aisle forklifts, pickers, selectors and stackers. When you can utilize your existing space to hold more - and easily move product in and out - you’ve found the ticket for increasing productivity while boosting your financial bottom line. Let’s take a look at some of Liftmasters’ narrow aisle solutions.

Clark Narrow Aisle Forklift driving down aisle

Clark Solutions

Built with Clark’s stellar reputation behind them, the OSX15 narrow aisle order selector and the NPX family of narrow aisle reach trucks are designed to amplify your production ability with unmatched performance that includes safety initiatives for ergonomic operation and maximum motility.

Big Joe

Famous for their reliable and easily maintained pallet jacks, Big Joe has capitalized on that reputation and moved into providing material handling and distribution center warehouse solutions with forklifts, walkies, stackers and pickers. With plenty of options to choose from, Big Joe has some handy narrow aisle choices, including:

Joeys - Big Joe provides a well-known line of support and access vehicles in its Joey models, all well-suited for narrow aisle tasks.The Joey line includes a low level order picker with a 1,500 lb. capacity, a mid-level order picker with a 2,000 lb. capacity, an electric access vehicle with a 750 lb. capacity and two task support vehicles with a 1,000 lb. to 1,200 lb. capacity.

Choosing Narrow Aisle

In today’s climate, many business owners are choosing to better utilize their existing space, rather than increase their footprint. It makes sense for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is financial, plus having less of impact on the environment. Along with deciding to maximize existing material handling space comes decisions about using the right equipment to save the most money while increasing efficiency and productivity. Many, if not most, of today’s narrow aisle solutions are electric, which dovetails nicely with a smaller environmental footprint, plus offering a safer and healthier environment for workers.

At S&L Liftmasters, we can help you choose the right way to utilize your existing space with narrow aisle solutions. We offer robust new and used options, as well as rental equipment. Contact us today to find out more.