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Two Things To Know About Warehouse Organization

Has your company made a list of resolutions to celebrate the New Year? Successful companies, of course, have their projected goals and finances mapped out well in advance of Jan. 1 – but is making sure you know the ABC’s on your list? We aren’t talking about the alphabet. We are talking about a proven method for materials management using the ABC analysis to help manage inventory. And, of course, understanding how products move in and out of your warehouse or distribution center is critical, as is using the best form of shelving and racking to facilitate that movement.

Let’s touch briefly on the ABC’s and then talk about how Liftmasters has many years of experience setting up racking and shelving that makes your warehouse more efficient and productive. Reviewing your ABC practices should be done at least annually to allow for corrections and updates.

The ABC’s

The ABC analysis shows you how to store and rack your product in the most productive way. What does ABC stand for?

  • A: Items and products that move quickly are classified as A items. If you stock product that moves in and out of your facility quickly, that product can be part of the A inventory. A items, as a secondary descriptor, don’t generally take up a lot of space. Also, A items need to be reordered in a timely manner.
  • B: Items and products that move on a regular basis and generally take up more space than A items. B items are important because these products are moving – just not as quickly as A items.
  • C: Everything else.

What’s the benefit of learning your ABC’s and executing this analysis correctly? This process will provide excellent details necessary for organizing your warehouse space in an efficient and productive manner that maximizes all of your resources and takes the best advantage of the space you have. Since we know that A items are moving quickly and accounting for the most activity, it just makes sense to place them in an area that is easily accessible for picking and stacking.

The Organization

At Liftmasters, we have a wide variety of racking and shelving options to help you maximize and optimize your space.  It may feel like you don’t have enough space, but there are new ways to move vertically, create more space with narrower aisles and get more organized to promote, not only a better use of space, but better safety practices. Here are some examples:

Increasing space vertically: As the old-style elevator attendant used to ask, “Going up?” It’s becoming more and more common to go up, instead of out, when finding more space, for several reasons, including cost, access and navigation. Utilizing your vertical space efficiently and productively can be achieved with pallet racking systems, shelving units, mezzanines and more.

Utilizing narrow aisles: Most narrow aisle racking systems are completely selective so they can be accessed easily from all sides. Roll formed pallet racks lend themselves especially well to narrow aisle utilization, are budget friendly and easy to install.

Creating better space: A better warehouse space means resources (people, product and equipment) can move through in an efficient and safe manner. When warehouse storage is employed strategically and with forethought, your resources and investments will see a better return.

At S&L Liftmasters, we have many years of experience working with companies to plan and execute a more organized and well-run facility – improving efficiency and productivity. Contact us to speak with someone about our wide variety of warehouse storage and organization products.

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