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The Dog Days of Summer Are Coming - Are Your Forklifts (Ready) Prepared?

The Dog Days of Summer Are Coming - Are Your Forklifts (Ready) Prepared?

With summer officially starting, S&L Liftmasters wants to remind you to beat the heat and take some precautions with these easy tips to help prepare your lift trucks and warehouse facility, making sure they are ready to handle the heat.

Properly preparing for the Texas summer heat is necessary to protect your lift trucks and warehouse equipment from unnecessary damage as well as maximizing the useful life of your forklift. We all know that lift trucks encounter severe working environmental conditions daily. From harsh chemicals to “extreme” temperatures, equipment can take a beating. To not compromise your lift trucks’ operation, it’s even more important before summer that you prepare your forklifts for the Texas heat. Doing so will inevitably save you money on maintenance costs while keeping production and efficiency high.

Common Summer Time Maintenance

A leading cause of a forklift going down during summer months is engine overheating caused by coolant system failures. Whether from low coolant levels or adding the wrong type of coolant, it is important to keep a record and perform proper summertime cooling system preparations to make sure your lifts will operate at peak performance.

Fan failure can also lead to summer downtime. Cracked and damaged fans will not maintain proper engine temperatures and cause a costly breakdown. It is best to get a professional forklift technician to inspect for engine fan issues.

Routine inspection and maintenance of engine belts is another crucial element to maintaining the correct engine temperature. Replace worn belts before they lead to a costly breakdown.

S&L Liftmasters Summer Service Experts

Be sure and utilize the expertise of S&L Liftmasters to meet all your lift truck and warehouse summerizing needs. S&L Liftmasters can make sure your lift trucks are capable of working in the summertime heat of Texas. Not preparing your forklifts will wreak havoc on lift truck components, drastically reducing your equipment’s efficiency, productivity or worse causing a costly untimely breakdown. Our techs can inspect and service cooling systems to include:

  • Radiator Coolant Inspections/Replacement
  • Radiator Cap Inspections/Replacement
  • Radiator Hose Inspections/Replacement
  • Thermostat Inspections/Replacement
  • Fan Belt Inspections/Replacement
  • Radiator & Water Pump Inspections/Replacement

Take advantage of our limited time Summer Service Special to save today. Contact us today.

Optimizing Your Forklift for Summer’s Heat
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