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Take A Look At The New Komatsu FH Series Forklifts


While Komatsu is already the world’s second largest producer of construction equipment, the new Komatsu FH Series forklifts are making a huge impact in many other applications, as well.

S&L Liftmasters is proud to be a Komatsu dealer, a company known for reliability, quality and excellence. The new Komatsu FH Series diesel forklifts offer many advantages over conventionally-designed forklifts, including a 30% reduction in fuel costs when compared to current models.

Currently, there are four models in the Kotmatsu FH Series to choose from: FH35 (8,000 lb.), FH40 (9,000 lb.), FH45 (10,000 lb.) and FH50 (11,000 lb.). All models have a load center of 24 inches.

Let’s take a hard look at some of the advantages of Komatsu’s new FH series forklifts.

The FH Series forklift uses Komatsu’s field-proven Hydro-Static Transmission (HST) and Closed-center Load Sensing System (CLSS) technology, coupled with Komatsu’s new diesel engine that meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final Standards. Unlike conventional forklift models that use the engine to power lifting hydraulics, the FH Series has a hydraulic system separate from the engine. 

With conventional IC models, the operator must increase the speed of the engine to get lift and use an inching pedal to control speed, which adds wear and causes unnecessary heat and wasted engine output. With HST, travel speed is not directly related to lifting speed and the transmission works more efficiently, reducing environmental impact, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, as well as lessening operator fatigue.

The CLSS variable displacement pump works in conjunction with HST and offers much less fuel consumption, while greatly improving ease of operation. On conventional models, the fixed displacement gear pump transmits certain volumes of fluid, even when not needed, wasting energy and fuel. The variable displacement pump does not transmit fluid when the machinery is not operating, instead matching fluid to operating speeds and load handling.

With a hydraulic motor driving the wheels, this continuously variable transmission offers many advantages that conventional vehicles cannot offer:

  • Shock-free shifting: With the FH Series HST drive system, operators can shift between forward and reverse without stopping, using the continuously variable speed transmission to provide smooth acceleration and step-less ratio changes.
  • Controlled rollback on a ramp: With its self-braking feature, the HST drive system stops the flow of hydraulic fluid when the accelerator pedal is released, preventing uncontrolled rollback. Starting back up again on an incline is easy.
  • Smooth directional changes without releasing the accelerator pedal: Enhances ease of operation by allowing smooth directional changes without releasing the accelerator pedal.
  • No creep: Unlike conventional torque converter forklifts, the FH Series, will not creep, even if the operator releases the brake pedal while in forward or reverse. The advantages are less operator fatigue, ability to operate smoothly at very slow speeds and reduced risks in confined areas.

Other advantages with the Komatsu FH Series include new operator safety and comfort features and increased ability to monitor equipment and usage. At S&L Liftmasters, we know one of your concerns is the safety of your employees and equipment. Some of the new features include:

  • Large multi-function display: Dash mounted display allows the operator to easily access machine conditions at a quick glance.
  • Seat belt caution indicator: A warning alert is issued when the seat belt is not fastened.
  • Load checker with buzzer: When cargo weight exceeds the set limit, a buzzer will sound.
  • Speedometer and overspeed warning buzzer: If the forklift exceeds the set speed, the buzzer sounds.
  • Full suspension seat: The FH Series comes with a wider seat and waist support, as well as a large assist grip to facilitate entry and exit from the cab.
  • Upward exhaust muffler: Prevents dust on the road from being blown into the operator compartment.

The Komatsu FH Series also comes equipped with the KOMTRAX Wireless Equipment Monitoring System, a standard feature that allows remote equipment and fleet monitoring in real time. As you know, understanding where your equipment is and what it is doing is one excellent way to maximize your productivity and make decisions related to highest use of resources. With KOMTRAX, you can:

  • See where your machines are, what they are doing and how they are doing it
  • See operator habits, allowing for correction when necessary

These features allow owners to analyze costs and improve bottom line results. Daily, monthly and annual reports provide important feedback and analysis, so you can make better scheduling and management decisions. You’ll always know where your machines are – KOMTRAX uses a network of global positioning satellites, discouraging theft and unapproved usage.

It’s safe to say that with the new Komatsu FH Series, you will be looking at an exciting new way to increase and expand your control over your resources. As your trusted Komatsu dealer in San Antonio and surrounding areas, S&L Liftmasters encourages you to come in and take a look at this new FH Series.

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