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More Than Just Heavy Duty - Komatsu Lift Trucks For Every Need


Here at S&L Liftmasters, we know that not everyone needs the heavy duty lifting capacity of the FH Series. That’s why we offer a wide range and variety of Komatsu forklifts to meet your specific needs. Application use differs for most end users and we want to make sure you’re getting the right equipment fit for your needs right now, while also looking toward the future.

Maybe you’re investing to add to your fleet. Or maybe this is the first time you’ve realized you have a need and could benefit from a lift truck and are now looking to purchase one for your business. Either way, Liftmasters is your local San Antonio source for forklifts. It’s our goal to not just sell you equipment, but to make sure that you are making an informed decision. Equipment investment, such as a forklift, is nothing to take lightly and we have the industry knowledge to make sure you’ll be a happy customer down the road. Make sure to talk to our equipment experts if you’re in the market for a forklift or maybe will be in the market down the road. We are always here to answer any questions you may have.

One of our recent blogs gave details of the heavy duty lifting capacities of the Komatsu FH Series. We know most might not have such a heavy duty need. So here is a breakdown or overview of all that Komatsu lift trucks offers.

IC Cushion Forklift
BX50 Series 4,000 lbs. – 6,500 lbs. lift capacity LPG


IC Pneumatic Forklifts
AX50 Series Pneumatic tire, 3,000 lbs. - 3,500 lbs. lift capacity, LGP, dual fuel
BX50Series Pneumatic tire, 4,000 lbs. - 6,500 lbs. lift capacity, LPG, dual fuel
CX50 Series Pneumatic tire, 8,000 lbs. - 11,000 lbs. lift capacity, LPG, dual fuel
FH Series Pneumatic tire, 8,000 lbs. - 11,000 lbs. lift capacity, diesel
DX50 Series Pneumatic tire, 15,400 lbs. - 18,000 lbs. lift capacity, diesel
EX50 Series Pneumatic tire, 22,000 lbs. - 35,000 lbs. lift capacity, diesel

Whether you decide to go with a Class IV cushion or a Class V pneumatic (IC) internal combustion lift truck, both are specifically designed and engineered to operate in both indoor or outdoor environments. While IC cushion trucks are more useful inside where fuel emissions are a concern, both are ideal for lifting application use in warehouses, manufacturing, recycling facilities, trucking or construction. IC pneumatic models are more desirable where there’s more of an outdoor need, as they don’t require as smooth a surface to operate, like loading trucks in a materials yard. With an array of IC truck options, talk with our Liftmasters’ equipment experts to get more of an idea of which model might be best suited for your needs.


Electric Forklifts
AE50 Series Cushion/Pneumatic, 48V Battery, 3,000 lbs. – 4,000 lbs. lift capacity
AM50 Series Cushion/Pneumatic, 48V Battery, 3,000 lbs. – 4,000 lbs. lift capacity
BBX50 Series Cushion/Pneumatic, 36V/48V Battery, 4,000 lbs. – 6,500 lbs. lift capacity


Narrow Aisle Forklifts
FR50 Series Single/Double Reach, 36V Battery, 3,000 lbs. – 4,500 lbs. lifting capacity

FR50 reach trucks with AC drive and hydraulic controls are especially designed for operation in facilities that require an operator to enter and exit their machine many times during a shift. The trucks are typically used where a partial or broken order is required (where various different products that are needed are packaged and shipped together on a single pallet). They are also very useful in retail and warehouse applications. Talk with a Liftmasters’ expert to learn more about what model would be best for your specific need.

With so many lift truck makes, models and options it can really become a daunting task when you are asked to find a piece of equipment suitable to your needs that would deliver the best ROI on your equipment investment. Why not let us help you? We’re equipment experts in the industry here to make your job a little bit easier. Contact us today to learn more about Komatsu lift truck models or other forklift brands and models we offer.

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