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Making Your Forklift More Valuable With Attachments

It’s okay to go to a party with just a bag of chips, but what happens when you bring that bag of chips plus some good salsa. You’ve just instantly made the bag of chips a more valuable commodity!

The same principle applies to your forklift equipment. We all know how much work your forklift puts in at your material handling facility or distribution center. You may be congratulating yourself on purchasing, leasing or renting that forklift. You can actually see the benefits: more productivity, increased efficiency, less workman comp claims and a better bottom line. But are you getting the most out of your forklift fleet? Are you making it a more valuable commodity?

Best practices call for using your forklift in the smartest manner possible. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to make use of proper forklift attachments to get the job done. Sure, in many cases, you can ask your operators and your forklifts to attempt to complete a task without the proper forklift attachment, but you’ll most likely soon realize that you are decreasing productivity and efficiency – and quite possibly increasing injuries. 

So what are the most common forklift attachments and how can they help you increase the value of your forklifts. Let’s take a look at some of the more common and useful forklift attachments.

Forklift Clamps For Larger Loads

Forklift clamps are necessary in material handling warehouses and distribution centers where large, non-standardized loads are managed, including paper rolls, cartons and drums, pipes and bales.

Forklift Extensions For Added Stability

You may be working in a situation where everything your forklift handles is uniform in size and shape. For most people, however, there is a variety of shapes and sizes of product that needs to be handled. Forklift extensions provide increased stability and leverage when your lift truck is called on to handle larger-than-normal or awkwardly-shaped cargo. They’re pretty simple to use and will increase efficiency and safety.

Sideshifter For Narrow Spaces

If your forklift doesn’t come with sideshifters and you are following the trend of making better use of your space, sideshifters can ease the pain of having to work in tighter and narrower spaces. Basically, sideshifters allow the lift truck to remain stationary while the forks move side to side for loading and unloading trucks and stocking or order picking.

Safety Work Platform For Increased Safety

Going up? If you need to hoist personnel up with your lift truck, attaching a safety work platform provides increased safety and stability, leading to a decrease in accidents. 

Fork Positioners Save Time

Give your operators a boost in working efficiency by using fork positioners on your lift trucks. Fork positioners save time by allowing the operator to adjust the distance between forks for different pallet sizes automatically without having to exit the lift truck.

Even though we’ve only looked at five of the available forklift attachments, there are a lot of choices out there for specialized forklift attachments that can dramatically increase your productivity, while decreasing the chance for accidents and product damage. Remember, OSHA requires operator training on all new forklift attachments and forklift attachments do count towards your lift truck load capacity.

If you have any questions about forklift attachments, contact us. We’ll be happy to take a look at your situation and help you decide what’s best for you.

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