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Making The Right Choice: Forklift Attachments

An alternative option to owning multiple types of lift trucks or using a rental forklift for specific tasks is utilizing attachments on the same forklift for a lower cost solution.

Forklift attachments can effect more than you may think regarding your business’ productivity. Having the right attachments can really take your forklifts’ functionality to the next level while also improving operation costs and overall efficiency. However, choosing the right attachments can often be a difficult decision with all of the different options to consider.

With the sheer number of attachments to choose from, how do you know what will work best for your business?
Let Liftmasters help you.

Choosing The Right Attachments

The best lift truck attachments you can find are going to be the most cost-effective in the long run to improve productivity. Here at Liftmasters, we proudly carry long-lasting quality attachments with proven efficiency increases. We’ve seen the way they can transform your business’ productivity and take it to its’ full potential. If you need a particular attachment or are not quite sure what would work best for your operation, our lift truck attachment specialists at Liftmasters will help show you all available options.

Knowing What Your Business Needs

Now that you know we carry industry leading lift truck attachments, it’s important to know what exactly your business needs in order to choose the right attachment for your forklifts. This includes a number of different considerations; from make and model to weight and height capacity, to the environment your lift operates in.

Types of Attachments

While we can’t go through absolutely every attachment on the market here we do want to touch on a few of them to give you an idea of some available options. If you’re not sure what might help improve efficiency at your facility make sure to contact a Liftmasters attachment specialist.

Want to transform your lift from a single pallet handler to a double pallet handler. Or why not a triple pallet handler ? Talk about productivity gains !

Carton Clamps
Just as they sound, carton clamps are used to handle cartons without having to use pallets. This minimizes your cost of operation eliminating the need of on-going pallet purchasing.

Rotators can be added to help move loads in a 360° motion, used most often to dump loads. This allows for minimal movement from the lift itself.

Are you looking for alternative forklift attachments? Here at Liftmasters, we’re always happy to help! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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