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Liftmasters Proudly Supports National Forklift Safety Day

We Support National Forklift Safety Day

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National Forklift Safety Day is a great to time learn about the importance of forklift safety and how to reduce industrial truck accidents.

Forklift accidents are more widespread than most people realize. In the United Sates there are nearly 22 non-fatal forklift accidents daily with fatalities averaging around 100 annually. Safety must be the number one priority in your business.

Despite the shocking statistics, there is good news in brining awareness to the topic. Studies have found that with proper operator training industrial accidents of these types can be reduced as much as 30 percent. In fact, OSHA has found a 61% improvement in operator performance after operator training. Liftmasters does offer operator safety training for forklifts and aerial equipment.

National Forklift Safety Day was organized 8 years ago by the Industrial Truck Association (ITA) to help promote forklift safety awareness and increase compliance with OSHA mandated safety training as well as self-education of best practices around industrial equipment. 

This year, June 8th is the event which will be held virtually due to the pandemic. It is easy and free to register for the webinar that provides safety information to help companies and operators be better informed. Click here to register

In addition to safety training, Liftmasters would like to remind customers that safety equipment is also available. From hard hats and belts to rack guards and posters, we want safety top of mind all year long.

Although the material handling industry sets one day a year aside to promote the importance of forklift safety, operator training and the use of safety best practices, it is important to keep forklift safety awareness going all year long. Here are some light-hearted ideas for this very serious subject that could help keep forklift safety trending:

#MindfulMonday – Make sure you have copies of your operator daily checklist handy

#TrainingTuesday – Confirm all operators in your facility have been OSHA mandated safety training certified

#WellcheckWednesday – Get your forklift professionally inspected

#3-YearThursday – Confirm forklift operators are re-certified every three years

#FollowFriday – Post a selfie of one of the above best practices on your company website and tag ITA and DC Velocity, the hosts of National Forklift Safety Day!

For more information about forklift and workplace safety, contact Liftmasters today.  

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