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Liftmasters Linde Lift Truck Lineup Linde High Performance Lift Truck Product Overview

Liftmasters has been your go to source for quality industrial forklifts in and around central Texas for decades. And as a provider of quality forklifts, we want to give you an overview of the latest lineup of Linde lift trucks. Known for German engineering and manufacturing, Linde equipment is synonymous with quality. That’s been true in the past and is still true today.

Linde manufactures excellent material handling equipment for all your application challenges. From manufacturing and warehousing to trucking, logistics, transportation and retail environments, Linde has an industry solution for every material handling need. With many equipment types, models, options and application uses on the market, Linde makes a tough task easy by providing the most effective, efficient lift truck equipment for business operations.

That’s why we’re here! We are lift truck masters, holding decades of experience in the material handling equipment business, which means we have reliable knowledge and time tested experience to help you make the right decision for your equipment investment.

Let’s take a look at a general overview of Linde lift trucks by class or application use. Note that there are many series, models and options under each division below. This should help give you a general understanding of each piece of equipment and its class application uses.

Linde Latest Line Up

Electric Counterbalanced Trucks

Electric counterbalanced riders are listed as Class I forklifts. These forklifts can be found to be the most cost effective in work environments that demand constant or high use. Though the investment in batteries and chargers are an added upfront cost, they are typically canceled out over the life of the equipment. When you factor in the added maintenance, fuel and service expenses found in internal combustion models, electric riders can be a less expensive option overall. Electric counterbalanced riders are ideally suited for heavy lifting applications in indoor work environments, such as in food processing plants where fuel emissions are a concern. These units are also very capable in warehousing, manufacturing, trucking and wholesale goods.

Series 346, Series 387, Series 388, Series RX60C, Series RX60L, Series RX60, Series 1279, Series 1346, Series 1347, Series 1276

Electric Narrow Aisle / Very Narrow Trucks

Electric narrow aisle trucks or very narrow aisle (VNA) trucks are defined as Class II forklifts. As you may expect, these electric lifters are ideally suited for indoor use in companies that require narrow aisle lifting operations. Usually utilized in work facilities that need to maximize storage space, such as warehousing and distribution centers, VNA trucks are engineered with a smaller footprint and are outfitted to improve speed and efficiency. Linde manufactures five series and over ten unique models with various options and accessories able to meet a specific lifting application need. 

Series 1120, Series 1110, Series 5021, K Series, A Series

Electric Warehouse (Pallet) Trucks

Electric warehouse trucks, otherwise known as a pallet trucks or pallet jacks, are classified as Class 3 lift trucks. Electric pallet trucks are a cost effective solution where there is a need for lifting heavy pallets, such as in logistics, warehousing, trucking and manufacturing. Operators control these hand controlled lift trucks through the use of a steering tiller. Controls are mounted at the top of this tiller, allowing operators to steer by moving the tiller side to side. Industrial batteries power these electric motor hand riders. Linde engineers and manufactures seven different series and numerous models to give you many options, to help meet lifting capacity needs, speed requirements and budgets.

Series 1102 ECR, Series 1151 T20, Series 1102-02 EW/EWR, Series 1131 – MT12, Series 1133 – MT15, Series 8903 – MT20, Series 1169 – EWS

Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Cushion Tire Trucks

Internal combustion (IC) counterbalanced cushion tire lift trucks are placed as Class IV forklifts. Due to their cushion tires, these heavy lifters are typically used indoors where they operate on smooth dry floors. These units efficiently transport palletized loads to and from loading docks and storage areas. Operating lower to the ground due to their cushion tires than their pneumatic counterparts, they are more useful where low clearance applications are needed. Industry solutions include warehousing, manufacturing, logistics and trucking applications where cleaner IC equipment is needed. Linde manufactures two workhorse series and eight models, giving you many base models to select from.  

Series 391 CT, Series 1319

Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Pneumatic Tire Trucks

Internal combustion (IC) counterbalanced pneumatic tire trucks are Class V lift trucks. These new age beasts of burden are what usually come to mind by most not in the industry. Though very similar to their IC cushion cousins, these forklifts offer more versatility. The pneumatic tires allow these forklifts to venture more effectively outside, where you will find numerous models and versions in outdoor applications like construction supplies businesses, manufacturing and recycling facilities. They are even useful in warehousing where indoor/outdoor use is needed. Though capable of indoor operation, these lift trucks are more adept where outdoor work applications are required.

Series 391, Series 393, Series 394, Series 396, Series 1401, Series 1219, Series 1411

Tow Tractors / Burden Carriers

Tow tractors and burden carries are classified as Class VI lift trucks and are an IC or battery powered vehicle for indoor and/or outdoor use. Capable of numerous applications, these versatile vehicles increase efficiency and safety in work environments. They are used in varied industries, such as warehousing, manufacturing, automotive and aerospace industries.

Series 1191 – P60, Series 127 – P250, Series – W20, Series 1103 – ETR, Series 1190

In closing, we hope that our brief overview of Linde’s line up of lift trucks helped give you some insight into the product line of Linde and how to select a forklift based on your application needs. If you have a lifting need contact us, the masters of lifting, to give you information on equipment solution options today!

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