Komatsu’s BX50 Keeps You Coming Back

The evolution of the forklift should include rugged yet refined versatility, and Komatsu’s BX50 does just that. Choose a maneuverable cushion tire model for indoor applications or a pneumatic tire model for flexibility and power for outdoor applications. 

Increase productivity and minimize operator fatigue while reducing operating costs and improving work environments with the BX50.

The BX50 boasts a Dual Floating Structure, offering an extra layer of protection to operators and reducing engine vibration, noise and heat. Additional ergonomic innovations include an EZview Mast System, which gives operators an unrestricted view of forktips and the surrounding areas, and Angled Exhaust Ports, which keeps hot engine air and exhaust gases from blowing into the operators face and causing fatigue.

In addition to its ergonomic design and innovation, the BX50 features a high efficiency drive train with a rugged design for reliability and dust-resistance, making this forklift ideal for construction, and heavy duty applications. So even if your needs are not this extreme the Komatsu BX50 will be a reliable tool that you can depend on to move your materials and get the job done for years to come.

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