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Ho,Ho,Ho. It’s Time For Big Joe!

Are you in a business that experiences seasonal upticks? For many in the retail and distribution center business, November and December are times of increased movement. At S&L Liftmasters, we have holiday solutions to help you save time and money, as well as employee injury, with our line of Big Joe equipment. As your demands grow, let us show you how Big Joe can provide new ways to increase productivity and efficiency, while helping to maximize your employees.

Pallet Trucks and Walkie Tuggers

At S&L Liftmasters, we carry all of Big Joe’s product lines, including semi-electric, powered and rider pallet jacks, as well as walkie tuggers. When your employees are constantly moving loads across warehouse distances, you can lighten the weight and reduce strain and muscle injuries by choosing powered pallet jacks over manual jacks. Besides cutting down on sick days off and workmen’s comp claims, choosing to go electric can increase your productivity by up to two times.

Big Joe pallet trucks and walkie tuggers are durable and simple to use. In many cases, these options will work in tighter spaces than normal equipment, as well as having a tight turning radius. With capacities that range from 2,500 to 6,000 lbs., Big Joe pallet trucks come in a variety of options from pull behinds to ride-ons. Big Joe walkie tuggers can handle from 1,500 to 4,000 lbs. Move your product more efficiently and safely with Big Joe pallet truck and walkie tugger options like these:

  • P33 Pallet Truck: 3,300 lb. capacity; semi-electric
  • E25 & E30 Pallet Truck: 2,500 lb. and 3,000 lb. capacity, respectively; powered
  • D40 Pallet Truck: 4,000 lb. capacity; powered
  • WPT45 Pallet Truck: 4,500 lb. capacity; powered
  • WRT60 Pallet Truck: 6,000 lb. capacity; rider
  • T15 & T40 Walkie Tugger: 1,500 lb. and 4,000 lb. capacity, respectively

Straddle Stackers, Reach Stackers and Counterbalanced Stackers

When you need more help than a pallet jack can provide, Big Joe straddle, reach and counterbalanced stackers will provide answers to your rapid and efficient stacking and restacking of product. Whether you are looking at manual or powered stackers, at S&L Liftmasters, we have the Big Joe product for you.

IBH Series

With several models to choose from, these manual straddle stackers are for in-between handling needs and are ideal for narrow aisle and tight space areas. With efficient loading and unloading capacity, Big Joe manual stackers are built of durable, high-strength construction with a rigid steel chassis. These stackers provide smooth lifting and lowering operations with easily adjustable forks, as well as easy servicing. Capable of reaching heights that range from 57 to 144 in., there are several models to choose from and a variety of options.

PDI Series

These electric straddle stackers come in a variety of models and are good for intermediate operations. With an advanced control handle that leads the industry, a steel hand guard, forward and reverse speeds and a belly button switch to protect the operator, this series of stackers has infinite travel speeds, lift and lower controls and a telescopic mast. A 24-volt battery system with a built-in charger equips the PDI Series, which is built with a continuously welded, high-strength frame and comes with easily-adjustable forks. Capable of carrying up to 2,000 lbs. and raising to a height of 60 to 144 in., there are several models to choose from and many available options.

PDC Series

Big Joe’s counterbalanced stackers can handle a variety of pallets for quick entry and exit and work great where space is critical.  The PDC Series has a versatile braking system, advanced control handle, forward and reverse and a dead man braking system. This series also comes with an emergency power disconnect, easily accessible service panel and a continuously welded frame with an open battery compartment and an interlock I-beam. Capable of handling from 1,500 to 4,000 lbs. with the ability of reaching 60 to 194 in., operators can easily change from forks to attachments. There are several models to choose from and a variety of options. 

V Series

The V Series three-wheel forklifts are well known for providing low-cost operations, with the ability to carry 1,500 to 4,000 lbs. With AC drive motors, and an emphasis on operator safety and comfort, the V Series counterbalanced stackers offer spacious operator compartments, tilt wheel steering, hydraulic control levers and automobile-like foot controls. All models in this series come with emergency power disconnect and electronic information and diagnostics display. There are several models to choose from, including:

  • V8: 1,500 lbs. capacity, 157 in. lift height and able to work in aisles as narrow as nine ft.
  • V15, V18 & V20: 2,800 to 4,000 lbs. capacity, up to 188 in., 48 volts, pneumatic tires


The Joey line of Big Joe products is a heftier line of equipment, designed to offer safer and more efficient alternatives to reaching, stacking and picking. The Joey line is designed to make a two-person job into a one-person job, while also having the ability to drive from task to task. The Joey line works well in narrow aisle situations, allowing the operators to turn around in a 72 in. aisle. There are several Joey products to choose from, including:

  • J1 Joey Task Support Vehicle: 1,000 lb. capacity
  • J2 Joey Low Level Order Picker: 1,500 lb. capacity
  • J2 Joey Mid Level Order Picker: 2,000 lb. capacity
  • Joey Zero Electric Access Vehicle: 750 lb. capacity
  • Joey Estep Semi-Electric Access Vehicle: 600 lb. capacity

At S&L Liftmasters, we have solutions for your warehouse challenges, including ideas to help you maximize your resources while becoming more efficient and productive. Contact us today to request a quote.

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