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Beat The Heat: Summer Forklift Service Preparations


Business owners and managers are tasked with taking measures to help protect their employees from brutal summertime heat. While summer time temperatures can affect the way employees work, likewise is the same with the equipment they are operating. So while its important make sure that your employees have cold water and other measures are in place to make sure they capable of getting the job done it is also important to have measures in place to keep your forklifts operating efficiently.

Just like when people don’t take precautions when heading out to work in the high temperatures and can suffer from aliments such as a heat stroke; so too can equipment like forklifts. Heat will affect the way your equipment runs, and is even more relevant here in Texas.

While the worst of the scorching hot Texas summer heat isn’t here yet, here at Liftmasters we want to remind you to take preparations to avoid untimely equipment breakdowns, or worse an equipment malfunction that leads to an injury. Taking proper precautionary measures is easy to do now and will ensure that your forklift doesn’t suffer unneeded engine damage or unwarranted employee injury.

Material handling equipment like forklifts, are generally put to the test and utilized in demanding working environments on the daily. When you add in Texas summer time temperatures that many facilities will endure this summer the potential for equipment breakdown will soar. Prepare your equipment now before there a chance for damage, doing so will save you in long run, by avoiding an untimely breakdown that will keep your operation running efficiently.


OVERHEATING As you might expect, a leading cause of IC forklift breakdowns during summer is engine overheating. Usually this is a result of a coolant system failure somewhere within the system.

COOLANT LEVEL Overheating could be caused by something as simple as adding to much coolant, not having enough coolant or even having an incompatible coolant formula in your forklifts coolant system. Not having proper coolant fluid level will result in engine damage and equipment breakdown.

Another common cause of overheating and summertime breakdown is fan failure. A cracked, damaged, or faulty fan will cause your forklift engine to run hot, leading to a costly breakdown due to overheating. It’s best to inspect before the summer gets here.

DAMAGED RADIATOR A damaged radiator is sure to lead to overheating and forklift breakdown. Make sure that you check your forklifts radiator for any cracks, pinhole leaks, or malfunctions that can cause coolant system pressure to drop. Low coolant pressure can lead to engine and transmission damage.

COOLANT SYSTEM HOSES Check for loose, cracked or damaged coolant system hoses. Increased summer temperatures are sure to test your coolant systems hoses, adding extra pressure that leads to increased deterioration. If they are old or cracked replace them, if loose make sure they are tightened properly.

TIRES Like coolant hoses, increased summer temperatures escalate the deterioration of your cushion and pneumatic tires. Make sure to replace and old, cracked, or damaged tires before the summer heat hits. Also check the tire pressure on your pneumatic tires, remember when the temperature outside inside or outside increase so too does your forklifts tire pressure. It’s always important to check your equipment’s’ tire pressure no matter what season it is. Improper PSI can cause undue engine stress on your equipment.

BATTERY CHECK Make sure all batteries are properly charged and watered.

High summer time temperatures are not only a problem for IC trucks, they can cause serious problems for electric forklift. One of electric forklift main enemies is too much heat. Just like freezing temperature can cause damage to your forklifts batteries, so too does extreme summer heat. Make sure all batteries cells are at the proper water level and to follow manufacturers operational and charging recommendations.

We always stress record keeping for our customers to know when it’s time to service your forklift to keep operating at its peak performance. Routine inspections and maintenance is crucial to having a forklift which engine runs at a proper temperature. Make sure that all worn or cracked belts are replaced, the oil level is checked and the oil filter is changed to ensure your able to operate in the heat.

Contact us today to service your equipment to beat the heat!

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