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National Forklift Safety Day: COVID-19 Pandemic Edition

National Forklift Safety Day 2020


National Forklift Safety Day (NFSD) is no laughing matter; it’s a matter of life or death. The sad truth is that there are far too many people who lack the proper training to operate these powerfully efficient — and extremely dangerous — vehicles, and their actions behind the wheel have serious consequences.

However, in recent months the prospect of leaving one’s home has also become a daunting ordeal. You might be wondering, “how are we supposed to gather to educate ourselves on the 7th anniversary of such an important event if we can hardly leave our own homes?” It’s true, gathering in public — even to go to the grocery store — has become just as much a matter of life or death as forklift safety. But fear not, dear reader; forklift safety awareness is still possible in our technological age, even if leaving our homes suddenly isn’t.

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Stand Up For Workplace Safety With Forklift And Aerial Training

osha safety training

Your new material handling equipment operators have watched a video on how to safely operate forklifts and aerial equipment. Someone in your organization has asked them questions to make sure they thoroughly understood the material. Now you are ready to hand them the keys and let them get to work, right?

Not so fast! This may have been acceptable many years ago, but it isn’t anymore. For one thing, it’s illegal and could have you facing some hefty fines. More importantly, it puts forklift and aerial equipment operators, other employees and visitors at risk. It’s not worth it!

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Making Your Forklift More Valuable With Attachments

It’s okay to go to a party with just a bag of chips, but what happens when you bring that bag of chips plus some good salsa. You’ve just instantly made the bag of chips a more valuable commodity!

The same principle applies to your forklift equipment. We all know how much work your forklift puts in at your material handling facility or distribution center. You may be congratulating yourself on purchasing, leasing or renting that forklift. You can actually see the benefits: more productivity, increased efficiency, less workman comp claims and a better bottom line. But are you getting the most out of your forklift fleet? Are you making it a more valuable commodity?

Best practices call for using your forklift in the smartest manner possible. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to make use of proper forklift attachments to get the job done. Sure, in many cases, you can ask your operators and your forklifts to attempt to complete a task without the proper forklift attachment, but you’ll most likely soon realize that you are decreasing productivity and efficiency – and quite possibly increasing injuries. 

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Do I Really Have to Do a Daily Forklift Checklist?

The short answer is yes! OSHA legally requires you to do a daily walk around before putting your forklift into service – every day and every shift change for 24-hour operations. But really, even though it’s required by law to perform this action, that’s not the most important reason to make this part of your daily routine without fail.

Yes, you can get in trouble for not doing it. But more importantly, it can cost you much more in terms of safety and equipment uptime when you or your employees don’t do a routine check of your equipment.

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Three Things to Know About the New Komatsu FH-2 Forklift Series

If you are a Komatsu material handling fan, then you already know Komatsu’s reputation for building rugged, durable and reliable forklifts with groundbreaking technology designed to save you money through lower cost of operation and less downtime. Komatsu’s FH series forklifts are popular worldwide for these values and now Komatsu has released its Tier 4 final FH-2 forklift, powered with the promise of providing the highest in strength, safety and robust features you’ve come to appreciate.

Called “construction strong,” the FH-2 series forklift operates with Komatsu’s tier 2 final engine and comes in six capacities – 8,000 lbs., 9,000 lbs., 10,000 lbs., 11,000 lbs., 15,400 lbs. and 18,000 lbs. Komatsu FH-2 series forklifts are designed to perform in all types of weather, in fast-moving and high-throughput operations and facilities that need maneuvering skills with quick loading and unloading speeds. Let’s take a look at some of the FH-2 series advantages.

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Two Things To Know About Warehouse Organization

Has your company made a list of resolutions to celebrate the New Year? Successful companies, of course, have their projected goals and finances mapped out well in advance of Jan. 1 – but is making sure you know the ABC’s on your list? We aren’t talking about the alphabet. We are talking about a proven method for materials management using the ABC analysis to help manage inventory. And, of course, understanding how products move in and out of your warehouse or distribution center is critical, as is using the best form of shelving and racking to facilitate that movement.

Let’s touch briefly on the ABC’s and then talk about how Liftmasters has many years of experience setting up racking and shelving that makes your warehouse more efficient and productive. Reviewing your ABC practices should be done at least annually to allow for corrections and updates.

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Ho,Ho,Ho. It’s Time For Big Joe!

Are you in a business that experiences seasonal upticks? For many in the retail and distribution center business, November and December are times of increased movement. At S&L Liftmasters, we have holiday solutions to help you save time and money, as well as employee injury, with our line of Big Joe equipment. As your demands grow, let us show you how Big Joe can provide new ways to increase productivity and efficiency, while helping to maximize your employees.

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Beat The Heat: Summer Forklift Service Preparations


Business owners and managers are tasked with taking measures to help protect their employees from brutal summertime heat. While summer time temperatures can affect the way employees work, likewise is the same with the equipment they are operating. So while its important make sure that your employees have cold water and other measures are in place to make sure they capable of getting the job done it is also important to have measures in place to keep your forklifts operating efficiently.

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National Forklift Safety Day Promotes Safety First Every Day


At S&L Liftmasters, we believe in a culture of safety first, safety every day. We are proud to celebrate and support the 6th annual National Forklift Safety Day, sponsored by the Industrial Truck Association, on Tuesday, June 11, 2019.

National Forklift Safety Day brings awareness to the troubling fact that we still see roughly 20,000 workers injured in forklift accidents every year in the United States. Some of these injuries result in fatalities. Bringing awareness to forklift safety has helped the numbers go down, but it’s still vital to always keep safety – and proper training - as a priority. As an owner/operator of forklifts, you want to make sure that everybody goes home healthy at the end of their shift.

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Liftmasters Linde Lift Truck Lineup Linde High Performance Lift Truck Product Overview

Liftmasters has been your go to source for quality industrial forklifts in and around central Texas for decades. And as a provider of quality forklifts, we want to give you an overview of the latest lineup of Linde lift trucks. Known for German engineering and manufacturing, Linde equipment is synonymous with quality. That’s been true in the past and is still true today.

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More Than Just Heavy Duty - Komatsu Lift Trucks For Every Need


Here at S&L Liftmasters, we know that not everyone needs the heavy duty lifting capacity of the FH Series. That’s why we offer a wide range and variety of Komatsu forklifts to meet your specific needs. Application use differs for most end users and we want to make sure you’re getting the right equipment fit for your needs right now, while also looking toward the future.

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Flexible Warehouse Solutions Designed For Your Unique Needs


San Antonio area S&L Liftmasters has the pallet racks, resources and know-how to help you maximize your warehouse space and increase your productivity and safety. Liftmasters warehouse systems specialists can design and install a custom plan to improve your operations and increase your ROI.

At Liftmasters, we know that your warehouse needs more than just racks. We are dedicated to making sure your entire facility is organized, efficient and safe. That's why we offer a one-stop shop for a wide variety of warehouse products, including shelving, dock equipment and workshop equipment, to help you create the safest, most productive work environment for your entire facility. Let Liftmasters show you how to streamline your workflow with a fully integrated, engineered warehouse system designed for your specific application needs.

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Have You Looked at Section 179?


Whether you are planning to buy or lease new or used equipment in 2018, the Section 179 tax deduction brings plenty to the table to help you save money. And it’s not super complicated to understand: You can deduct the full purchase price for buying or leasing a piece of new or used qualifying equipment – up to $1,000,000 (yes, that’s one million dollars!).

The Section 179 deduction is an incentive to encourage qualifying businesses to buy (or lease) equipment, thereby improving the economy, as well as themselves. Section 179 is used by businesses of all sizes, but small-and medium-sized companies are realizing much-needed tax relief.

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Your Dock Parts and Equipment


Your overall warehouse efficiency and safety plays a large part in how you maximize your day-to-day operations. Your dock equipment, whether mechanical, hydraulic, powered and/or air powered, needs to be an important factor in how you control and optimize dock parts and warehouse solutions.

As your trusted material handling partner in San Antonio and South Texas, S&L Liftmasters provides dock equipment that is durable, long lasting, and easy to install and maintain. Well performing and maintained dock equipment may not be the first thing your customers and employees notice, but when it is in bad repair or malfunctioning, it sends a clear message that decision makers are not placing a high priority on taking care of assets and possibly even safety.

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Yes, We Have Your Pallet Rack Storage Solutions


At S&L Liftmasters, we’ve perfected solutions for material handling and warehouse storage needs for San Antonio and surrounding areas. With our experience, we know what you need to prosper and we generally have it in stock in our large, local warehouse or you can order online from our catalog here. Our pallet racks cover many types of warehouse applications.

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Take A Look At The New Komatsu FH Series Forklifts


While Komatsu is already the world’s second largest producer of construction equipment, the new Komatsu FH Series forklifts are making a huge impact in many other applications, as well.

S&L Liftmasters is proud to be a Komatsu dealer, a company known for reliability, quality and excellence. The new Komatsu FH Series diesel forklifts offer many advantages over conventionally-designed forklifts, including a 30% reduction in fuel costs when compared to current models.

Currently, there are four models in the Kotmatsu FH Series to choose from: FH35 (8,000 lb.), FH40 (9,000 lb.), FH45 (10,000 lb.) and FH50 (11,000 lb.). All models have a load center of 24 inches.

Let’s take a hard look at some of the advantages of Komatsu’s new FH series forklifts.

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Parts Play a Large Part at Liftmasters


At Liftmasters, our customers know we are committed to being the best in the San Antonio area when it comes to supplying forklift equipment and forklift replacement parts. Your satisfaction is our number one goal. Whether you are looking for OEM, aftermarket or replacement forklift parts, we’ve got you covered on electric and internal combustion engine parts, oil and air filters, chains, spark plugs, pedal pads and much more.

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5th Annual National Forklift Safety Day Is For Everyone




Besides being the law in the U.S., why exactly does one have to undergo OSHA-approved forklift operator training? National Forklift Safety Day is celebrated every year because everybody deserves to go home after work. This year, the event is on June 12th and S&L Liftmasters supports the effort.

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Be Lean and Green this Earth Day

While the world marks Earth Day this Sunday, we ask ourselves: How can we operate as a leaner and greener industry leader ourselves?

Climate changes and ozone depletion have been linked to greenhouse gases emitted by fossil fuel-powered engines, among other causes. Liftmasters has a strong commitment to being an environmentally responsible steward, as well as finding the most cost efficient and productive ways for you to manage your warehouse and material handling applications. Today, electric equipment comes with the punch you need for your toughest jobs, as well as being environmentally friendly and, as an added bonus, healthier to your employees.

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Optimizing Your Forklift for Summer’s Heat

The old saying is “March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb.” So far, in February, we’ve seen freezing temperatures, as well as temps in the 80s in San Antonio and South Texas. While we aren’t weathermen at Liftmasters, we can predict with some certainty that our temperatures are going to steadily be climbing up as we get closer to spring and summer and that means it’s a good time to get your forklift equipment ready for that famous Texas heat. Here are some basics if your forklifts and operators will be exposed to the heat:

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